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MagLev Train

About Us


IDUN ENVIRONMENTAL, a United Nations global compact participant, is a company dedicated to enhancing the lives of all by integrating resilient advanced technology to improve the environment.

Our primary focus is the improvement of the biosphere globally. We provide technologies that provide solutions for wastecollection, disposal and renewal. We also provide eco-friendly mass transit solutions.

Waste to Energy: The system we implement utilizes all types of waste to generate electricity, thermal energy, air conditioning, hydrogen and drinking water through the gasification process. This solution diverts waste from landfills to improve the environment and produce energy with little to no emissions. This green energy will not only improve the environment, but also save money.

Trash Collection: This system collects trash from rivers preventing it from reaching and accumulating in bays, oceans and lakes. It is a stationary system that is operatedby the energy of the water current and solar power, allowing it to be placed anywhere.

MagLev Train: This technology is the most advanced and efficient mass transit system available. It is much quieter than your typical train and is completely environmentally friendly. Long term it is cheaper to maintain and operate than traditional and inefficient train systems.

IDUN ENVIRONMENTAL chooses to pursue projects in countries where we have identified key opportunities to make a difference for the citizens.

IDUN ENVIRONMENTAL provides global concierge environmental improvement services within its focused industrial segments for private and governmental clients globally.